Our Story

Lump of Coal Soap Co. is a sister brand and part of our fledgling and year round adventure, Chemistry + Art + Love.

We've been in development for quite some time, but now it's time for us to fly . . .  We're a pretty small operation this year, but next Christmas we want to be bringing you updates from a shop full of smiling employees.

This is our story . . .


Washing your hands should make you smile

Training + Jobs + Deserving People.

In addition to making gorgeous stuff for your body, Chemistry + Art + Love is committed to developing opportunities for competitive employment and career advancement for individuals with intellectual challenges by incorporating beautiful, bright, and capable people at all levels of our business with the ultimate goal of making the company employee-owned.


An idea can change the world

Chemistry + Art + Love started with the idea that people with intellectual challenges should have the same opportunities for real-world, competitive employment and career advancement as the rest of us. No business model, no product, just this idea. 


Beautiful, bright, and capable

My son has Down syndrome.  When he was born, I remember looking at his oh-so-round face and thinking that I wasn't worried at all about him, but rather about everyone else.  We have been blessed with wonderful people, many of whom we would not have met without having a child with special needs. We have also encountered others -  the doubters and the under estimators. 

As my son grows older I find myself thinking about his future, as all parents do about their kids' futures. How will he adapt to high school (gasp!), will his first girlfriend be nice (double gasp!)?  What kind of work will he do?  Other people in his life think about his future, too.  They think he will sweep floors.  If that's what he wants to do, then great.  If that's all he's expected to accomplish, not so great.  

He is beautiful, bright, and capable of anything he sets his mind to and is willing to work for.  And so are his peers . . . given the chance.


Teaching tools . . . and a human touch

Handmade bath and body is highly teachable and includes a wide range of processes. It is precise and creative, structured and joyful, and an excellent tool to teach good manufacturing practices, inventory control, accounting, marketing, and the myriad skills that go into running any business while providing learning opportunity that is limited only by interest and effort.  

From the start, we knew handmade was the way to go.  It brings a unique human touch to the things we use every day. No cookie cutters here (except to make cookies, nom nom nom!). One person making something with his or her own hands, pulling together oils, grains, flowers, fragrances, and colors to soothe a baby or brighten a day is an act of kindness, even love, and we can't think of anything better than that around which to build a business. 


Voila!  Chemistry + Art + Love.

We're glad you're here. Welcome to the celebration!

Founder, Chemistry + Art + Love


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